farsan Shop

Sakonis stands for home-made, tasty and fresh. We freshly make all our chutneys, sweet dishes, farsan (savoury snacks) on a daily and weekly basis. Our recipes have been tried, tested and improved and many of our staff have been making these dishes for over 25 years now. 

Every morning the Sakonis Sweet & Farsan shop is filled with freshly made tasty snacks including crispy bhajiya, mogo, kandvi, debra, daal bhajiya, kachori, chakri, farsi puri, ghatiya, chevdo, penda, kaju katri, habsi halwa and much more!

price list

Anjeer Barfi

Kaju Katri

Habsi Halwa

one size box - £2.50

Farrai Chevdo

Hot Chevdo

Mild Chevdo


Farsi Puri

Chora Fari

All large boxes - £4.80 (approx 400g)

All small boxes - £2.50 (approx 200g)

Sanchar Papdi

Tika Ghatiya

Fuli Ghatiya

one size box - £3.50

If you require a bulk order of any of our farsan or sweet items, we can arrange this for you.