sakonis stands for home-made, tasty & fresh

Sakonis is an exclusively vegetarian, family restaurant specialising in vegetarian dishes from across India. No doubt you will have heard our name or know one of our dishes.

Sakonis pioneered some key dishes that have transformed the Indian vegetarian casual dining industry which have been copied and created across the UK and beyond. At Sakonis, we pride ourselves in the knowledge that we are the real deal.

our food

crispy bhajiya

potato slices fried in a flavoursome chikpea batter


Savoury snack made with puffed rice, crushed puri and vegetables mixed in a tangy and sweet tamarind sauce.

pau bhaji

Mish mash of steamed vegetables, cooked in a spicy tomato and onion gravy, served with hot buttered pav, diced onions, coriander and a slice of lemon.

paneer chilli

Classic Indo Chinese Dish – inspired by Asian spices using indian ingredients. Deep fried chunks of paneer sautéed in a tangy chinese sauce.

masala dosa

The most famous South Indian Treat – a thin and crispy savoury pancake made from lentils and rice. Served with homemade Sambhar and Coconut Chutney

what we stand for

Sakonis chefs have been making some of the classic dishes and home-made chutneys for over 25 years and are continuously improving the taste and quality. Long standing customers who have visited the restaurant for years know exactly what to expect when they visit and those in want of adventure can always find something new to explore. At Sakonis, we know we are a haven for all lovers of vegetarian food with something for everyone; whether you need a break from a busy shopping spree or just want to treat yourself to some homemade Indian goodness.